New Year, New Dining Vibes: Resolutions for a Smooth Restaurant Ride

Smooth restaurant ride. Alright, folks, let’s kick off the year with a vibe check – in restaurants! Servers, those unsung heroes of the dining world, secretly hope for a list of resolutions from customers. So, here’s your cheat sheet for being the MVP diner. New year, new you, right?

Tip Game: It’s Math, Not Magic

First up, the tip game. When you’re crunching those numbers, make sure it’s on the original bill, not the discounted total. If you snagged a two-for-one special, the tip covers everything served, not just what you paid for. No skimping on tips because of a sweet deal – that’s the golden rule.

Timing is Everything: Respect Those Hours

Let’s talk restaurant hours. Google exists, people! There’s no excuse for not knowing when your favorite spot opens or closes. Showing up before the joint wakes up won’t make the doors magically swing open. And for the love of good vibes, don’t stroll in two minutes before closing – it’s a recipe for grumpy staff and not-so-great service.

Menu Mastery: It’s Your Foodie Bible

Time for some menu love. Seriously, acknowledge its existence. It’s not just a prop; it’s your foodie Bible. Questions are cool, but only after you’ve given the menu a little love. Don’t be that person asking, “What should I get?” the second your bottom hits the chair. Specific queries, my friends, and bonus points if you bring your glasses – dim lights, small font, and QR codes are in charge.

Ear Respect: Listen Up, Orders Are Important

Here’s a secret: servers have the 411 on your dining journey. When they drop knowledge bombs about specials, don’t hit them with a blank stare and ask, “What are the specials?” It’s a pet peeve. Listen up, ask specific questions, and save the repeat queries for things not covered on the menu. Oh, and bring your glasses if you need ’em.

Decisions, Decisions: Order Ready Means Ready

When you declare, “I’m ready to order,” let it mean you’re genuinely ready. Don’t use it as an excuse to pick up the menu for the first time. If the server hints at giving you a few more minutes, it’s secret code for “You’re wasting my time, and I’ve got a million things to do.”

Phone Detox: For Real Connection

Smooth Restaurant Ride. Believe it or not, phones aren’t superglued to our palms. Unless you’re checking closing times or scanning a QR menu, give it a break when your server is around. No one appreciates a customer who missed the specials because they were too busy Insta-storying their cocktail. Phones off the table when the food arrives – those plates need space more than your iPhone does.

In a Nutshell: Fresh Start Vibes

So, there you have it – your restaurant resolutions for a fresh start. Will they stick like a new gym routine, or will they fizzle out like my ukulele practice? Who knows, but it’s the thought that counts. Here’s to a year of great dining vibes and being the best restaurant guest ever!